King Of All

Grace has come to save us, truth has come to free us
You have shown Your favour to the undeserved
Love came down to reach us, You became our ransom
Suffered at the hands of those You came to save

You displayed your power, You performed Your wonders
Eyes and ears were opened, captives were set free
You revealed Your glory, light expelled the darkness
You embraced the cross and now You wear the crown

King of all the universe, far above all powers
We give You the praise that’s due Your name
We stand amazed, and sing aloud to You the One and only
Let Your name resound throughout the earth

You poured out Your Spirit, hearts were set on fire
Many stood in awe and believed upon Your name
Come now to revive us, Spirit come upon us
That the name of Jesus will be lifted high

Be lifted high, let Your name be praised, be lifted high
Be glorified, let Your name be heard, be glorified