Anthem Of Our Generation

You walked this earth before us 
You left Your Father’s throne 
You chose to be among us 
So we were not alone

And though we fall and stumble
Our strength will be renewed 
Your Word is love eternal 
And Love will see us through

You died for our salvation
Gave us the great Commission

This is our calling 
Together we’ll rise
And follow Jesus 
With no compromise 
Because He was willing
To lay down His life 
He is the anthem 
Of our generation

We seek You, Christ our Saviour 
In every thought and prayer
Your reign will be triumphant
Our song will fill the air

You said go make disciples 
And to the world proclaim 
The Father Son and Spirit 
Baptize them in Our name

We are the generation
And this will be our mission

You will be with us 
Day after day
Right up to the end Lord
The end of the age