Your Name

Deeper than a thousand words could say, Your name.
Your name, fire in my soul,
Healing for a hurting heart today,
Your name, Your name.
And my heart will bow and my spirit soar,
And my soul cries out to the Lord of all.
To my God and King, to my Prince of Peace,
I will lift my voice in praise,
Unto Your name, unto Your name.

Your name, all creation knows,
The One who gave it life with breath alone,
Your name.
Your name, glory now displayed;
All the earth belongs to You alone,
Your name, Your name.
And the mountains bow, and the seas will
And the rocks cry out, all creation calls
To the Holy One, to the Son of God
We will lift our voice in praise:
Worship Your name, worship Your name.

Your name, higher than them all;
Holy One of God, the Lord of lords,
Your name.
Your name, heaven’s only Son,
High and lifted up forever more,
Your name, Your name.
And the nations bow, and their kingdoms fall,
Every king and priest, every prince and lord
Falling to their knees will acknowledge You.
We will lift our voice in praise:
Honour Your name, honour Your name.