Come And Rejoice

Come with rejoicing

The Father is calling

Those who would worship

In spirit and truth

Come with your singing

Come with thanksgiving

Jesus, our Saviour has

Made all things new


Come and rejoice, O holy nation

Come and sing praises to Him

Come and bow down

Worship before Him

Jesus the King of all kings

Jesus the King of all kings


The Lord of creation

Is full of compassion

Seated in splendour

Adorned with all grace

Majestic and glorious

Reigning victorious

Now and forever

Enthroned on our praise


(repeat chorus)


With the sound of the

Trumpet He summons the nations

Calling a priesthood

To go in His name

To show forth His power

To this generation

To worship before Him

A kingdom of praise


(repeat chorus twice)


Jesus the King of all kings