Come To Us

You’ve placed a hunger in my heart
To see Your glory
You’ve caused a thirst that I cannot ignore
You’ve stirred a passion that will
Drive me to Your presence
And I won’t rest until
You’ve heard me cry for more

Come as a mighty torrent
Come as a raging fire
Come as a hurricane that drives
The heat of my desire
Come in the smallest whisper
Come as the quiet dew
We don’t care how You come
As long as You come to us

Though people mock the church
And curse the One who made them
Your kingdom is advancing every day
Like living stones we’re being
Built into a temple
We’ve seen the glory
And we cannot turn away

Is this the summer that will
See a mighty harvest
A sense of expectation fills the air
Though sin abounds
Your love is streaming to the nations
Let mercy triumph
Over judgement everywhere

Come to the politician
Come to the refugee
Come to the victim of respectable society
Come to the mighty fallen
Come to the poor oppressed
We don’t care how You come
As long as You come to them
Stuart Townend