Bring Forth The Royal Robe

Bring forth the royal robe
And let’s crown Him
With our praise
Let’s give unto the Lord
Power and strength

For He is King of kings
And Lord of lords
Mighty in battle
And He is Prince of Peace
The mighty God
The King of Ages

(repeat chorus & verse)

(repeat chorus)

This song’s lyrics call for us to bring a royal robe and crown someone with our praise. We are encouraged to give power and strength to the Lord. These lines are repeated to emphasize their importance.

The song then describes who the Lord is. It says He is the King of kings, the highest and most powerful ruler. He is also the Lord of Lords, indicating that He has authority over all other leaders and rulers. The lyrics highlight that He is mighty in battle, suggesting He is strong and victorious in overcoming challenges.

Furthermore, the song states that the Lord is the Prince of Peace. This means that He brings peace and harmony to our lives. He is also called the mighty God, emphasizing His great power and strength. Lastly, the lyrics proclaim He is the King of Ages, indicating He is eternal and reigns throughout all time.

Overall, this song celebrates the greatness and majesty of the Lord, encouraging us to crown Him with our praise and recognize His authority and power. It reminds us that He is not only a mighty warrior but also a bringer of peace. Through our worship and acknowledgment, we honor His eternal kingship.