Counting Song

One two three
We are signing Caesar’s registry
Four five six
There are places we would rather be
Seven eight nine
Would you tell us where we need to sign this decree
Caesar’s ideas are a waste of time

My name is Phoebe
I am from the East
Oh where’d you get that dress
I need to find a good beauticain
‘Cause my hair is such a mess
I love to shop until I drop
A fashion statement’s what I am
But all I’ve seen is outlet malls
Since I’ve been here in Bethlehem

My name is Sam and I am from the
Western part of this great land
I had to stop along the way and
Give some folks a helping hand
I’m ready for some good home cookin’
Hope they have some candied yams
Oh I forgot there’s not much choosin’
When you’re stuck in Bethlehem

Jerusha is the name they call me
I am from the South you see
I did not want to come
But since I’m here I’ll visit family
Uncle Rueben Grammepa Gorab
Sister Ruth and cousin Gam
I’ll have to visit all of the while
I am here in Bethlehem

My name is Gad I’m from the North
And I sell donkeys old and new
Offer on the spot financing
I have deals you can’t refuse
I’ll give to you extended credit
Even trade you for a lamb
It’s probably the best deal I will
Get while I’m in Bethlehem

We all have come from ev’ry where
From north and south and west and east
To keep our heads and stay alive
We follow Caesar’s loud decree
We’ll let him count us one by one
Just like we were a goat or ram
And when he’s done we’ll have some fun
While we are here in Bethlehem