Pint size dreams, ice cream fairy tales
Dreams that cover her eyes
A life that’s lost wasn’t hers from the start
But for now it’s all she’s got
But for now it’s all she’s not

Chorus 1
She paints a picture perfectly above the bed where she sleeps
Where she prays every night for a love she can’t keep
To a god with no name cause they’re all just the same
As the one from the night before

Life size dreams, not a fairy tale
Dreams that misguide her eyes
Her life was won by the Lord long ago
But for now it’s not what she wants

Chorus 2
She wants a life of her own where she’s out and all grown
Waving goodbye to life and the love that she’s known
From the Word of the Lord but not anymore
She ran away from all she had

God size dreams, instant fairy tales
Dreams that lit up his eyes
His life was his only five seconds ago
But now he’s not awake to know

Chorus 3
Of the prayers that were raised to a God with one name
Who brings sight to the blind and makes dead men to walk again
There’s power in love and for God that’s enough
To breathe life into this boy again