Enable Your Servants

Give me a hope for the lost.
Give me a passion for those
Who are broken and down.
Lord, I am ready and willing
To serve the weak and the young;
Help me to put into action
The words of this song.

And enable Your servants,
Enable Your servants
To preach good news,
To preach good news.

I’ll sing the songs of salvation,
Boldly I’ll speak out Your word.
I’ll let them know by my life,
I will show You are Lord.
I’ll tell them all about Jesus,
I’ll tell them all about You;
I’m not ashamed of the gospel
Or what it can do.

We’re moving forward together,
As one voice boldly proclaim
The old and the young will be strong,
And we’ll lift up Your name
On to the streets to the people,
Every man, woman and child,
And as we go You are with us,
You’ve given Your power.

You’ve enabled Your servants’¦