Fear Not O Little Flock

The foe who madly seeks to overthrow
Will come crashing down.
Dread not his rage and power
His seeming triumph over all God’s saints
Lasts a little hour…
True as God’s word is true
Not earth nor hell and all it’s crew
Against us shall prevail
Our victory just cannot fail…

Rise Up! Rise Up!
Rise Up! Rise Up! Rise Up!

Fear not O little flock,
Be sharp! Be strong!
Your cause to God belongs
Fix your eyes and pray…
Stand with the God of peace
He’ll soon crush Satan
Underneath your feet
In this your battle day
Lord Jesus grant our prayer
Great Captain, now Your arm make bare
As Your sword sweeps the skies
We’ll see salvation here arise…

Hold on…Hold on…
Keep your hand on that plough hold on!

Inspired by the Moravian Hymn
Godfrey Birtill