Gift Of Cool

I remember the day
When the love of God landed in our town
He took all the silent and broken hearts
Fixed them and gave them a sound
You had almost every different kind of kid
From every different kind of social background
Taking all the cool they had and praising God
As He spun them around when God came to town
And the people in our churches
They were constantly amazed at the kids
Kneeling at the altar
With their different fashion flavours
You had squares preps and skater punks
Goths and techno-ravers
And the tattooed kids with coloured hair
And they were all getting saved
You think the 60’s had good vibrations
Well cheque out my generation

We will run and never stop
Yeah we all will stand together
Taking everything we are
And then praising Him forever
Well anyone and everyone
Come and join us for a good time
We are breaking all the rules
By praising God with your gift of cool

Suddenly almost every kid in town
Had finally found the way to take all the gifts
And talents and beauty they had
And worship God every day
Man you had all the high school parties
And they were turning into worship raves
And the sounds of the underground in town
Had turned to praise

When Your people sing all of heaven sings so sing
Is that cool
Lift your hands up to the sky
Yeah we all will sing together
Taking everything we are
And then praising Him forever