At the Saviours birth
Light dawns upon the world
Giving us a hope of heav’n
God’s eternal plan formed in eternity
Holds together in this mystery
How could such a tiny child
See men and women reconciled
To God the holy one

Jesus light of the world
Glory of the Father
Wonderful counsellor
Prince of peace the mighty God
Everlasting Father revealed in a tiny child
Born for our salvation
The word revealed in us

All the power of God
Shown in baby form
Love breaks upon the world
Giving us a hope of peace
Jesus Christ has come to set the captives free
Bringing hope for eternity
The babe who is a mighty King
Is now restoring everything to God the holy one

Heaven comes down to earth
At the Saviours birth
Joy breaks upon the world
Lifting all our guilt and shame
Loves eternal song from angel lips resound
All can know this mystery profound
Jesus who has com to earth
Reveals the power and majesty
Of God the holy one

Bringing the light of the glory of God
In the face of Jesus Christ   x 3
Heaven came down