Here With Us -Jesus Is

Here with us, our God to earth came down, Emmanuel, Son of God in flesh and bone
Love of the Father, shone in His face. Glory of truth and grace
Took our sin and sorrow, bore it on His shoulder
Friend of the sinner, friend of mine
Drank our bitter cup, stooped to raise us up
Jesus is Light of all the world

Up with a shout, He arose in victory; life, giving life, promise of a perfect day
Humbly obedient, even to death. God has exalted Him
Given Him the name above all other names
Powers and thrones before Him fall
Angels sing His praise. All His people say
Jesus is Saviour of the world

Here, He is here, Holy Spirit fire came down. Go and declare: suff’ring love has won the crown
Soon, in His glory, He will appear, watch for the Day is near
Always by our side, met in bread and wine
Look, He is making all things new
Songs of earth and heav’n, round the throne forever