Holy Holy -Is The Lord God Almighty

HOLY, HOLY, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty.
Holy, holy, holy, holy
Is the song around the throne.
Where the angels and the elders gather
There in sweet assembly,
Singing holy, singing holy
Is the Lord our God.

Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy
Is the Lamb who was slain for me.
Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy
Is the song within my heart.
I could choose to spend eternity
With this my sole refrain:
Singing worthy, singing worthy
Is the Lord our God.

The Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light,
The King, the Great I Am.
My life, my all, my every breath,
The Rock on which I stand.

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus,
How You suffered and died for us.
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus,
But that tomb is empty now.
And I long to gaze upon Your throne
And all Your risen glory:
Singing Jesus, singing Jesus
Is the Lord of all.

Robin Mark