How Far

In Nazareth of Galilee
An angel speaks the sacred words
Mary you will be with child
The miracle of virgin birth

Joseph heeds the angel sign
And takes her as his promised wife
Now through the night they journey on
How far is it to Bethlehem?

Wise men plan their course ahead
Searching for the promised King
Now from the east a guiding star
How far is it to Bethlehem?

How far, how far, to the place where hope was born?

The walls outside Jerusalem
O see the mount of Calvary
There lifted high upon a cross
The Saviour of humanity

He conquered sin and buried shame
Rose to life and burst the grave
Forever bridged the great divide
With perfect grace and sacrifice

How far, how far love has come to bring us home

How far they went to Bethlehem,
How far you went for Calvary!
No greater grace was ever known
No greater love was ever seen

We set our hearts on pilgrimage
We’re caught up in Your story too
From Bethlehem to Calvary
Our hearts will always follow You
How far, how far, Saviour, lead us to Your heart
How far, how far, Jesus lead us to Your heart