Hymn Of The Ages

Our eyes have seen the wondrous cross  
That towers over time
Vast as the ocean grace and love
Amazing so divine
Oh this is our story
And this our hymn of praise
Through all generations
The song remains the same

To the One who has loved us
Loved us and freed us
To You belongs the praise
Through everlasting days we’ll sing
To the One who is worthy
Of honour and glory
To You belongs the praise
To You belongs the hymn of the ages

The King of love our Shepherd is
Our shelter from the storm
A mighty fortress is His Name
And our eternal home
To God be the glory
How great the things He’s done
With all generations
We join the joyful song

A thousand tongues are not enough
But we don’t sing alone
Oh how the heavenly anthem drowns
All music but it’s own

Graham Kendrick & Matt Redman