I Am Yours -Father I Come

FATHER I COME;my days are full my mind is busy
But I’m longing to meet with You today
All around distractions try to rob me of this true desire
Spirit help me now as I draw near

And You call me and You remind me that I am Yours
And You fill me and You revive me with Your love
Watching over me as You sing Your songs of mercy to my soul
You are delighted to always call me Your own

Lord I will come with confidence that I’m accepted
I don’t have to have everything worked out
And I know Your Spirit testifies with mine I am Your child
You have placed a seal upon my heart

Time and time I come in need of Your great patience
Time and time again
You rush in and flood me with Your healing presence
Your grace never ends

Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham and busbeeĀ