I Belong To Jesus -Oh Hallelujah

I belong to Jesus
What blessed mystery
The vilest of all sinners now
Forgiven and redeemed

Oh, the depths of darkness
His love would reach down through
To cover me with mercy
And hide me in His wounds

Oh, hallelujah
Oh, bless His name
Ten thousand years will just begin my song of praise
Oh, hallelujah
Sing It again
I belong to Jesus
I belong to Him

I belong to Jesus
The cross that once was mine
Became the curse that He would bear
And give to me new life

I am His forever
Forever He is mine
My freedom bought and paid for
By His blood divine

I belong to Jesus
Oh, hasten now the day
That I behold your glory
And look upon your face

Robed in holy splendor
Like thunder we will stand
The voice of every saint declaring
Worthy is the Lamb