I Cannot Count Your Blessings Lord

I cannot count Your blessings Lord they’re wonderful
I can’t begin to measure Your great love
I cannot count the times You have forgiven me
And changed me by Your Spirit from above

How I worship You my Father
You are wonderful how I glorify You
Jesus You’re my Lord
How I praise You Holy Spirit
You have changed my life
And You’re now at work in me
To change the world

When I was blind You opened up my eyes to see
When I was dead You gave me life anew
When I was lost You found me and You rescued me
And carried me rejoicing home with You

I cannot count Your mercies Lord they’re marvellous
I can’t begin to measure Your great grace
I cannot count the times that You have answered me
Whenever I have prayed and sought Your face

Whenever I consider what I am to You
My heart is filled with wonder love and awe
I want to share with others that You love them too
And tell the world of Jesus more and more