I Know

Though I’m walking through the valley
Of the darkest hour I’ve known
Lord don’t You leave me all alone
When I’m surrounded by the shadows
That seem to feed my fear
I will trust You
Though I may not feel You here

But I know that Your love is unfailing
O I know Your grace is so amazing
O I know even though my faith be shaken
O I still know that I’ll never be forsaken
‘ËśCause You’re always faithful
I know

When my bed has been floating
On the flood of all my tears
Seems as though my joy has disappeared
In what I feel or see
I will cling to You
And trust You’re holding me

I worship You I look to You
I trust You with my life
I worship You I look to You
Come lift my head up high

Lord I don’t know where I’m walking
But I’ll take it day by day
And I’ll hold Your hand
And You will lead the way