I love you lord -Your Love

I LOVE YOU LORD; with all my heart
I felt this way right from the start
I’m longing just to be with You
Your love it gives me a new song
It lets me know that I belong
It’s your love that keeps me day by day

Your love eternal love
Filling my heart with a new song
Your love from above let it reign

Through the darkest times Lord in my life
You held my hands and gave me sight
To know within when I’ve done wrong
And in the midst of all my pain
You gave me strength to rise again
With your love; I can’t go wrong

Jesus Your love eternal love
Filing my heart with a new song
Jesus Your love from above let it reig

Stronger higher in You
Your love gives me power
I’m an overcomer in You

Your love overwhelming overflowing outpouring
To the wounded broken hearted pour out Your love today
My Redeemer love unending saturating never failing
When I’m lonely and I’m hurting pour out Your love today.

Noel Robinson & Donna Akodu