I Need You Every Moment

I need You every moment
I need You every day
I need You in the good times
And when it’s all washed away
I need You

Just when I think that I’ve got it together
Right when I trace out the rest of my life
Back on the track of my dreams of grandeur
You let me slip on a rock and I fall
And I find what I’ve been missin’
Your sweet embrace

Travelling lightly I lay all my worry
Down at Your feet pick up Your easy yoke
Walking with You I find light my burden
Walking and staying right close to Your side
Jesus You tenderly bring me Your way

Running and laughing I dream of forever
How it must be just my Saviour and me
And thousands of others who made different journeys
Ent’ring through Jesus the way truth and life
Hallelujah hallelujah