If Super Powers Could Be Ours

Wouldn’t that be cool
If I could oh I would
Fly around the world
Doing good, like we should
On a super scale
Super size the goodness yeah

In a flash make a dash
Hold back rageing storms
Saving planes saving trains
Just become the norm
Save a girl in a whirl
Back in time for tea
Who’s the hero – oh it’s me!

Oh oh If I was a super hero
Oh oh I would not be a zero
Oh oh, what could be cooler than to be the one who saves the world
Oh oh there in the nick of time
Oh oh that would do just fine
Oh oh if I could be that one oh I’d be a hero for You

Watch me zoom, sonic boom
Right across the sky
Looking great in a cape
Oh so very fly
On the way save the day
Watch the girlies swoon
Here’s the super dude he’s cool

Look at me can’t you see
No ordinary man
Wouldn’t snooze wouldn’t lose
Always have a plan
On the case with a base
Gadgets ev’rywhere
Watch the people stop and stare

My flying skills would not thrill
I know I would be bad
Yeah that’s me, in a tree
Looking kinda sad
Hopes were dashed when I crashed
How’d I save the world?
Most days I can’t save myself

I really think I would stink
As a super guy
Drop the act, it’s fact
I’m never gonna fly
I am me, always be
An ordinary man
But with God I can change this world

Oh oh I’m not a super hero
Oh oh but neither am I a zero
Oh oh I can help somaeone somewhere make their world a better place
Oh oh one person at a time
Oh oh that will do just fine
Oh oh we can be heroes when we live for the glory of God

Doug Horley, Mark Edwards & Mark Read