I’m Going To Prepare A Place

I’m going to prepare a place for you
Up in my Father’s house
I’m going to build you a mansion too
Up in my Father’s house

When Jesus was a carpenter
He became well known
Around the town of Nazareth
He built the peoples homes
You could hear the hammer go clang-clang
As He pounded on the nails
You could hear the saw go chew chew
Another house for sale

When Jesus laid His hammer down
To work the Father’s plan
The soldiers picked that hammer up
To nail His feet and hands
You could hear the hammer go clang clang
As they nailed Him there to die
The angels all sang
Glory as He rose on high

In God’s house there are many rooms
One for me and you
Will you be there with Jesus
Will you believe Him too
He will hear you knock
If you seek the Lord
And when you come in Jesus’ Name
He’ll open up the door