In These Days Of Impartation

Come to the secret places of my heart
Come melt the river that’s frozen in my soul
Come step down from heavens throne
And fill me with Your love
Come fill me with Your love

In these days of impartation
I want to carry Your Spirit Lord
You have weakened me over all these years
Now I’m ready to hear Your call
Sometimes I don’t see clearly
There are shadows all around
But I’ll follow this voice that is leading me on
I’m heading up not going down

Give me dreams that shape tomorrow
Give me vision for today
‘Cause I’m tired of duplicating
All my old familiar ways
I’m not a captive of my past
But I believe I have a future
Make me a prophet of the Lord my God
Not a king of nostalgia

Don’t let my pride or reputation
Hold me back from seeking more
For there are many who have looked at the ocean
But never gone beyond the shore
It’s a time of new beginnings
Where You’re preparing me for change
Lord do something new within me now
So that I’ll never be the same again