Jesus Is Exalted

JESUS IS EXALTED to the highest place,
Seated at the right hand of our God.
He reigns in power and glory,
He is God’s appointed heir,
He is righteous, He is holy, He is Lord!

Hallelujah! He is King of kings.
Hallelujah! He is the Lord.
Hallelujah! He is Jesus Christ,
Reigning forevermore, ever more.

The throne of God will last for all eternity,
We will reign with Him as those He has redeemed.
For we are a chosen people,
We will be the bride of Christ,
He has chosen us to ever be with Him!

The day is coming when He will appear,
His glory shining like the sun;
And every nation then will see and fear
The mighty and exalted One.

So let us throw aside all that would hinder us,
And run as those who run to win the prize.
For we will see His glory,
We will see Him face to face,
We will join Him as His glory fills the skies!