Let God Arise with Shout

There’s a pageant of triumph in glory,
As Jesus the King takes His throne.
The shame of the cross is exchanged for a crown,
And heaven applauds the King.
The Son has the Father’s approval,
He perfectly followed the plan
To suffer and die for the sins of the world,
He poured out His love for our shame.

Let God arise with shouts of joy,
With songs of praise and trumpet sound;
Let music play and hearts be free,
Let God arise!

Death could not keep Him in prison,
He burst through the shackles of hell;
He settled the score with the evil one,
And heaven applauds the King.
The fullness of Christ is my treasure,
I’ve cast off the past with its shame.
The power of the Father has raised me to life,
I’m a son, I’m forgiven and free.