Let Your Word Run Freely

LET YOUR WORD run freely through this nation,
Strong Deliverer, break the grip of satan’s power.
Let the cross of Jesus stand above the idols of this land,
Let anointed lives rise up and take their stand.

And we will glorify the Lamb,
Slain from eternity.
Jesus is Lord, we declare His name,
And stand in His victory,
And stand in His victory.

With prophetic words of power, expose the darkness;
With apostolic wisdom build the church.
With zeal for the lost let the story be told,
Let the shepherds feed the lambs within their folds.

Let the Holy Spirit’s fire burn within us,
Cleansed from sin and pure within we stand upright.
Not yielding to wrong, we will live in holiness,
Bringing glory to the Saviour, we will shine.