Lift Him Higher

He has turned my night to brightest day.
When I was dead like a stonnee,
Bound by sin, lost and alone,
Jesus can roll all sin away.

His power has set this captive free,
From the pit out of my misery.
Broke my shackles and my chains,
Now I’ll never be the same,
Jesus can set the captive free.

Lift Him higher, higher.
Lift Him higher, come on lift Him up!

His peace has eased my troubled mind,
He has turned my water into wine.
Speaks His words over; me,
Comes to calm the rageing sea,
Jesus can ease the troubled mind.

His love has fixed my broken heart,
Changed my mind, given me a brand new start.
A bruised reed He’ll not break,
Those He loves He’ll not forsake,
Jesus can mend the broken heart.

I know His name can heal the sick,
Cast out demon’s, foil the devil’s tricks.
Nothing is impossible.
Nothing is too difficult.
Jesus is power to heal the sick.

Now is the time to lift Him up
Lift Him up, lift Him up. (Repeat)

Lift Him higher, higher
Lift Him higher come on lift Him up!

Dave & James Middletonne