Light of God -Tedder

LIGHT OF GOD shine upon this land
Break our hearts for the common man
Give us hope since our hope is found
In You, in You

As your church we will bear Your name
May our lives manifest Your grace
As Your mercy and power are seen
We live, in You

Come let your glory fill the earth
Faithful God
Show us the power of Your love
Live in us …O God – live in us O God

By your blood we are joined to You
Through the cross we can live anew
Resurrection restores our hope
In You, in You

Here we stand as your people God
We are ready to give it all
Send us out since our purpose comes
From You, from You

Alt verse:

At this time in our history
May we live with integrity/humility
Holy Spirit receive our praise
It’s all for You

Mark Tedder