Live Love

We say that ‘œlove is all you need’
We say that love, it comes for free
And in a way I must agree
But, love, it cost Him everything
‘˜Cause we are in love
For God, He loved us

‘˜Cause if we live love we are like a love letter
From the heart of God who loves like no other
To the lost and lonely heart, so together we will live love
Live love

Love, it is a bleeding heart
And love, it doesn’t count the cost
Love, the price is paid ‘˜cause Love has made a way
For us to shine like stars
We are in Love
‘˜Cause God, He loved us

Live love: my sisters, my brothers
Live love: it’s the heartbeat of heaven
So live love: ‘˜cause You’re the love letter
Live love

Elias Dummer, Eric Fusilier, Josh Vanderlaan & Aaron Powell