Lost And Found

When the rain falls and it some days will
Then the pavement under my feet
Sparkles silver and gold, in reflected light
That I otherwise wouldn’t have seen

And when the storm comes and the strong winds blow
I will bow my head to push through
And every step that I take I will watch and pray
To be sure my foothold is true

So Jesus don’t You keep me from that storm

I want to walk that sacred ground
For You are Master of it all
And I am just a lost and found

And in the dry place, in the wilderness
When Your Word seems so far away
Then I will think of my life, and I will bless Your name
For Your promises never have failed
And when the night falls at the end of days
I will lift my eyes to the heavens
Where we will shine like the stars in reflected light
In Your presence for ever and ever

Lost and found, lost and found
I am but a lost and found
But can there be a sweeter sound than
Singing with the lost and found