Lost In Love

The thought of the cross brings me to my knees
To know that my saviour came to die for me
I was beaten up and broken, I was tired from my hurting
Now I never want to let You go

I found You at the cross You found me on my knees
My nothing left to give, was Your everything I need
I was lost and I was lonely, scared of the fear within
Now I really want to let You know

I was dead and gone now You found me
I was torn apart but You’re the missing piece
I’m lost for words, I’m lost in love
Whoa, I’m lost in love

You poured out Your life, poured it out for me
You turned me from my pride, You turned this heart to see
That I was never gunna make it, I couldn’t do it on my own
Now I never want to let you go

Whoa, I’m lost in love (repeat)