Love Come Take Me Home

If you’re tired of your old ways
Come back home
Bring your sons and your daughters
Come down to water
And come back home

Love come take me home (x 4)

If you’re dead on arrival
You got stuck in survival
Come back home
If your heart’s on the highway
And you’re sick of this old game
Come back home

I got so tired of this battle
Between my angels and devils
I had to come back home
Yeah, ’cause I’m a believer
In love when I see her
Come back home

Now if you’re tired of the battle
Between your angels and devils
Come back home
Hey, can I get a believer
To tune love to your receiver
And come back home

Tre Sheppard, Tori Sheppard, Mark Prentice,
Paul Baker, Jonny Ravn & Steve Evans