My Little Jerichos

Walking round these city walls
Seeing objects in my way
Am I blind or just a fool
Did I hear the words You said
Trust my heart above my eyes
To believe and never doubt
And these walls I’m staring at
Will all come tumbling down yeah

Surely I can find the faith
Or at least a mustard seed
For You’ve placed it in my heart
On the day I first believed
So if I can invest it
In the One who made all things      

I can walk on water
I can move a mountain
I can rise above it
I can fly on eagles’ wings
And I know the one
I’ve trusted to be faithful

So I face the day ahead
With a fire inside of me
Moving in the strength I have
Knowing You are with me
And I’ll cling to the promises
Of the one who made all things

You bring water from a rock
Make a pathway through the sea
You breathe life into the dead
And You made this blind man see
And I know the One
I’ve trusted to be faithful
And there’s nothing in this world too hard for Him