Never Alone -Feat. Shonlock

They say that we are done
The beginning of the end
Of everything that we’ve stood for
They say this war is won
They don’t want our kind
Around here anymore

But there’s an anthem in the distance
If you listen you will hear

We are a generation
We’re not afraid
We are a generation
We’re not ashamed
We know we’re not forsaken
Our God is strong
We are, we are, we are, we are
Never alone

Calling all our people
It’s time for us to shine
Be that city on a hill
Stop believing other people
God has shown us who we are
And it’s soon to be revealed

There’s an anthem in the distance
If you listen you will hear
It is growing can you feel it
Lift your voices now and sing

Never alone nah I’m never lone
Never nah
Reaching the masses from Damascus
up through Lebanon
My master been a Don
a champion we carry-on
They ask me what I am on
I am telling them I’m way too gone
We live and die for this
so you may see some fly cadets
Spit it wit confidence
In each and every Providence
Alpha and Omega God
Creator of your continent.
Forefathers and martyrs
We shouldering their accomplishments

Rap Section

Wait a minute let me gone gone get it
Strong with the pivet
Make a little Divet
you can ask bishop
Walk it I talk it I live it
Inherit a spirit that flows through the lyric
If you can hear it faith in the hear’n
Come on let’s ride and let God do the steer’n
You hear the children, ain’t no more fear’n
Nearing the end and they character smear’n
I see the clearing, see you appearing
All power all praise
An amazing premier’n
Can’t box us in Can’t box us in
Fight this love and you lose’n again and again
So we stand for the truth the new
heart of the youth
Spirit is rising we letting it loose
God be the proof
Man be the lie
Never alone do we gone let it ride