Out On The Streets

The Word is out on the streets
Have you heard?
The Word is out on the streets
We’d better get ourselves ready
To be His hands and His feet

Take the light of Jesus
And shine it everywhere
Go through towns and cities
And cover them with prayer
Sing it on street corners
And in the marketplace
Cry for God’s compassion
And see Jesus on each face

I’m gonna go where Jesus sends me
I’m gonna forget my pride
Get out on the streets
Lord, I wanna be a fool for Christ
And lift up Your name above all gods
We’re gonna tell them of Your mercy, Lord
And tell them of His love

Now we’ll go there in His name
With His authority
To heal the brokenhearted, Lord
And set the captives free
So fill me, Lord, with boldness
To speak Your words of life
Fill me with the power
To be a living sacrifice

Bryn Haworth