Possess Me

My life is not my own
You have bought me with a price
That no one else could afford
With Your own blood
You washed away my guilt and shame
By Your stripes You bore my sickness
And my pain
And now my life is Yours
As I open up my heart
Your love for me begins to pour
And now I’m free to worship You
Beyond the veil
Where Your power
And Your majesty prevail

Everything I’ve got I’m giving
Loving You is all I’m living for
I just want to know You more
To give You simple love
That burns with passion
Life with You is all I’m asking for
More than I ever have before
Consume me with Your fire
Until at last I’m free
And the life You lived on earth
Becomes the life You live in me
All I want is more of You
Possess me possess me