We all were pris’ners in cells of our own making
Completely guilty, deserving of our chains
But hallelujah, Jesus came a’callin’
Paid the debt we could not pay, and he washed our sins away

Freedom, sweet freedom
You can feel it shake the ground
Oh, it comes in like a crashing wave
And tears our prisons down
Hear it gettin’ louder, the joyful, joyful sound
Freedom, sweet freedom
We’re not pris’ners now

Who could imagine the mighty reach of mercy
To see the worst in us and still plan our escape
And hallelujah, what a glorious Saviour
‘˜Cause nothing stops His power, or His unrelenting grace
And now there’s’¦

Whom the Son sets free is always free indeed
Hallelujah, we’re not pris’ners now