Reaching For You

You created me inside Your great imagination
You’re the One who gave me my first breath
You have overseen my life
And brought me to redemption
And I know that You’re not finished with me yet

I’m reaching for You
I’m singing to You
I’m lifting my hands to praise You
I’m lifting my voice to thank You
I’m reaching for You
Jesus I need You
I’m giving my heart to know You
I’m living my life to serve You
I’m reaching for You
(Oh Lord)

You’re the One who spoke
The word of life to light my darkness
You opened up my eyes ’til I could see
Jesus You have promised
To complete the work You’ve started
Faithful to fulfill Your grace in me

Pour out Your love from Heaven
Fill me until I overflow Lord (’cause) I want more
Reach down Your hands from Heaven
Pull me closer than ever before Lord I want more

(I’m reaching I’m reaching I’m reaching)

Oh I’m reaching
God I’m reaching for You


Lincoln Brewster | Paul Baloche