When I think about the journey
The places that I’ve been
Destiny uncertain future lookin’ thin
Pulling back the curtain scenes of yesterday
Scenes of yesterday

And if it had not been for the Lord on my side
How in the world would I ever have survived

I wanna thank You
For letting me keep it real amen
I wanna thank You
For letting me be here still amen

When I think about my mama the sacrifice she made
Carried the whole world on her shoulders
Just to keep me safe
Hopeless and abandoned fatherless and afraid

When you think about the story
That only you can tell
The test and testimony the underscore unveiled
For those who may inquire what’s it all about
It’s just one more chance
To lift up your hands and shout

Thank You for the joy in my life
Thank You for the tears that You cried
Thank You for the hope that You bring
Thank You for the songs that You sing
Thank You for nights awake
Thank You for the prayers You prayed
All of these things I appreciate
But most of all