Restoration Song

THERE’S A SOUND that comes from Heaven, it’s the heartbeat of our God
And it’s drawing men and women from each corner of the earth
It’s a song of restoration, it’s a promise of new life
It’s a hope for every nation, won for us by Jesus Christ ‘“ The Lord, the Son of God

It’s a story of a nation birthed in promise to one man
Then delivered from oppression, echoing God’s future plan
Generations guided onward by His faithfulness and love
Now the promise rests in Jesus who we’ll worship on and on
There’s life for all who call, and confess that He is Lord

Living with their hearts submitted to the One who’s won their love
Being changed into his likeness, God’s reflection on the earth
With a passion for His kingdom, for His Spirit and the Word
Who’ll be patient, kind and generous, loving those broken and lost
They serve the risen Christ, who served to give them life

On and on and on we move
Walking towards the rising sun

We will declare the glory of God
Through generations

We will sing out the goodness of God
In every nation

Lou and Nathan Fellingham & busbee