Revival Sounds

No more messing around
It’s time for taking the ground
Wake up wake up Joshua generation
It’s a thousand guns all firing
Buildings crashing bombs exploding
Like a burning furnace roaring fire
Revival sounds revival sounds

I hear a sound in the atmosphere
There’s something breaking
Something’s turning ’round

I’m over here
Now I’m over there
There’s something moving
I can feel it now

It’s like the sound
Of a million horses
It’s like a landslide
Rock fall tumbling down

It’s like the roar of the crowd
On the terraces
It’s like a tremor
Quaking in the ground

Can you hear it
Can you feel it
It’s moving through the nations
Can’t stop it
Can’t beat it
It’s the sound of heaven coming down

It’s a live volcano blowing
Thunder lightning hurricane warning
Like Niag’ra water falling down
Revival sounds revival sounds
Revival sounds