Shout For Joy -Christmas

Pour out your fervent praise
There’s a song to raise like a ban- ner high
Lift up your grateful heart to the Morning Star
He’s a- live and here with us

Shout for joy, for the Son of God
Is the Saving One, He’s the Saving One
Shout for joy, see what love has done
He has come for us, He’s the Saving One

Oh night in Bethle-hem
Heaven came to man, born the Son of God
Sing out the Lord has come
Oh Emmanuel
Now our God is here with us

Woah, Woah, woah
woah, woah, woah
There is no other God like You, we’ll sing the praises that You’re due
Jesus You have saved us
There is no other God who reigns, You are the Name above all names
Jesus You have saved us