Sinking Ships -Rescue Has Come

As you sail on the sea
You could never seem to see
That all of your dreams
Could get tossed in the waves
Or lost in the ocean
Sinking in, that sinking feeling

And as your world
Has stopped it’s turning
Your heart stands still
Hanging by this melody of a life
That hasn’t lost it’s meaning
When you’re lost at sea
I will be your shore

So hold on tight
Your ship is going down
In the storm of life
I won’t let you drown
It’ll be alright
Now if you just hold on
So just hold on
Rescue has come

Right where the stars have left you
Dead in the cold and on your own
But I can see a silver lining appear
Beyond the dark
And beyond your fears

‘ËśCause you were never meant
To do this alone
When you’re lost at sea
I will be your shore

Through the storm, through the night
Hold onto hope, I’ll be your guide
And when the waves come crashing
Down by your side is where I’ll stay