Six Thirty AM

It’s 6.30am, sun rises on the city again,
And hands reach over
From the bedclothes warm
And punch that buttonne on the stupid alarm
And a baby starts to cry
And the coffee goes on
But they don’t even know:

That this is the day that the Lord has made
They were meant to rejoice and be glad in it
For the times and the seasons
Are in Your hands
But they don’t even know

It’s 8:30 am, they’re walking off to school again,
An angel at their shoulder
And a pocket full of hope
And a natural resistance determined to cope
With whatever lies before them
On the slippery slope
But they don’t even know:

It’s 5:30pm, they’re all sitting down to eat again
She’s a single young mother
He’s a noisy child
He’s a lonely lost father
Who’s forgotten his smile
They’re a family in trouble
But they’re gonna get by
But they don’t even know

It’s 10.30 pm, sunset upon this city again
It’s a circle of life on a dead end train
Is it just another morning
With some more of the same?
Shouldn’t somebody be singing, a simple refrain
So that they might even know?