Soul’s Desire

You are my soul’s desire, I was wandering, I was wandering
Wandering all my days from my Father’s house
From the heights to the depths Love was calling Love was calling
Calling out to me, just to bring me home

Lord of the earth, the sea, the sky, in glory and power
How can it be that I’m Your child and You are my Father
So I, oh I, I will exalt Your name again Most High
Every way I can.

You put songs in my mouth, I am praising, I am praising
Praising only You, for the things You’ve done
There’s a flag in my hand.  And I am waving, I am waving
Waving it for You, just to make You smile.

Many will see and hear and trust, in Your salvation
Many will turn and seek Your face, from out of all nations
So I, oh I, I will exalt Your name again most high, any way I can