The Shadow Of El Shaddai

Fear not the arrows that fly by the day
Or terrors that stalk in the night
Fear not the sound or the heat of the battle
Fear not the flame of the fight
For there is a refuge, a tower of strength
A fortress for all who will call on the name

El Shaddai, El Shaddai
Our mighty sustainer, the God who provides
Elohai, Lord of life
The One who delivers, our faithful Defender
A shelter for all who abide
In the shadow of El Shaddai

You speak a word and the sun will set still
The rivers will turn to dry land
A pillar of fire in the darkness of night
They all await Your command
Your shield is called faithful
Your Word is a sword
There’s victory for all
Who will call on the Lord

Though a thousand may fall by my side
Still I will trust, I will fix my eyes