There’s A People

There’s a people
God has chosen from the nations
He has ransomed from the prisons
For His joy, for His delight
He has known them
From before He made the heavens
And His love has spanned the ages
How He longs to bring them home

Oh, that we might see Your glory, Lord    (Men)
Oh, that we might see Your face            (Women)
Oh, that we might be with You forever    (Men)
Oh, that we might be with You              (Women)
Knowing You as You have known us        (All)
Faith eclipsed by what we see
One with You for all eternity

We’re that people
You have rescued from our blindness
You have come to live within us
To share Your peace, to share Your joy
Come and fill us
Flood our spirits with Your fullness
Let us taste the wine of heaven
Only You can satisfy

Terry Virgo & Stuart Townend