There’s A Sound Of Singing In Our Midst

There’s a sound of singing in our midst
There’s an offering of praise
As we set our hearts towards You Lord
With our lips these songs we raise
There is jubilation in the camp
For Your promises are true
And by Your grace salvation comes
To bring us home to You

We rejoice in You
Give our lives to You
We rejoice in You
And we testify that this love is true
With the sound of singing

With our lives we humbly bow to You
And standing in this place
Our songs express our heart’s desire
To serve You all our days
We will honour You and magnify
Your name above all names
For we know there is no other God
Yes You are the King of kings

Our hearts are filled with gladness
And a sacrifice of praise
For You have done great things for us
So glad that You have called us
And what else can we say
You’ve saved us by Your grace